(1) if the case is really that urgent as it seems to be, (2) which immediate action must be taken and (3) which additional experts should be consulted.

You have to make decisions daily. Most of the time there is no risk for you as you are the expert yourself. Occasionally however there are situations at times where you need professional dedicated consultation and you should not wait too long.

My solution for you: implement your own little cost-effective legal department in XS size. Expert advice as need be via telephone, text message or email. Contact me for my conditions.

Should there be anything that cannot be instantly answered for whatever reason, it can be diverted to an external specialized lawyer and I will consult you on the right choice. I have been a lawyer long enough to judge which experts are the best. And you deserve nothing less than the best!

Hotliner &
Special Agent
Some decisions must be taken very fast. Often it depends on getting the consultant of trust on the phone quickly, in order to reliably investigate,