Clever ideas and creative solutions have always fascinated me – especially my own ideas to be honest. Developing world class ideas is truly my talent and I’m throwing great ideas out constantly – to your advantage.

I am creative in various fields. Regardless if it comes to an advertising slogan or strapline, patents, brands, design, business ideas, strategies or tactics. Finding solutions fulfils me with joy and I love exploring new ways of thinking and unusual approaches. My clients appreciate this strengths and make use of it in various situations.

I tend to not walk the old known pathways and apply breakthrough thinking – I work and think out of boundaries without limits. A bit of fantasy and craziness are often part of my outputs. My basics are what others would call breakthrough brainstorming.

Ideas & Solutions
It extremely excites me to explore all opportunities and to find the right solutions for complex issues and cases. I simply love developing the right strategy and steering its implementation.